Every Sip from an Albion Heritage Bed & Breakfast Mug Will Be a Reminder of You

When looking for a holiday gift, there’s no easier option than to stop by the Albion Heritage Bed & Breakfast. It’s basically on campus, so you have no excuse!

This B & B has a selection of one-of-a-kind, American-made mugs for the very affordable price of $15. Each of these stoneware mugs has a unique glaze and is embellished with Albion Heritage’s logo. Its uniqueness will ensure that it will be the first thing that your lucky family member reaches for in the morning.


And this is indeed a gift that keeps on giving. Not only will the mug be a wonderful addition to lazy winter days spent wrapped in a blanket, but it can also be used to send subtle signals to your family members that they should come and visit you at school… and then bring you a gift!

Purchasing one of these fabulous mugs is making an investment in your future happiness. With every sip, your loved ones will be reminded that you still exist when you are gone at school.

Albion Heritage Bed & Breakfast: 517 East Michigan Avenue, Albion.
Phone: (517) 629-3550. http://www.AlbionHeritage.com.
Accepts Visa and MasterCard credit cards.
Photos by Eleanor Hill and Albion Heritage Bed & Breakfast.