Yesterday’s News Is Today’s Big Deal

When you think of an antique store, does the scent of mothballs come to mind? Are you overwhelmed by the clutter? Well, consider that old news. But it’s not Yesterday’s News.

Yesterday’s News, owned by Albion College alumnus Jim Dean and managed by Deb Myers, is homey and well-organized. From antiques, vintage wares, and collectibles to modern-day handcrafted wood items and cute little decorative items you might even use in a dorm, you’ll find the perfect gifts without hassle at Yesterday’s News.

Loyal Michiganders can show off their Michigan Pride with a variety of wooden household items. These range from serving trays and bowls to gift boxes. The trays are perfect for the holidays when out-of-state family members come in town. These can also be used year-round as kitchen decor.

There’s a big bookcase full of vintage thermoses and lunch boxes from the heydays of the original Captain America, Winnie the Pooh, Garfield, Campbell’s Soup, and many more. With winter approaching, these would be great gifts for anyone who takes lunches to school or work or for anyone looking to relive their childhood. And they could be the start of a distinctive collection for someone’s kitchen or dining area.

Another display holds two different styles of Albion College mugs: antique and modern. The antique ceramic ones are great to show off your Albion pride or for alumni who want to reminisce on their Albion days. The modern glass mugs come standard with the Albion College crest for $15 and can be personalized. Greek letters, organization names, graduation years, and many other personal touches can be added for just an additional $5.

A whole corner of the store features vintage Christmas decor: ornaments, candle holders, plates, salt and pepper shakers, and as many forms of Santa Claus as you could possibly imagine. As opposed to buying overpriced modern decorations, these alternatives are affordable and perfect for bringing the holiday spirit into your home.

These are just a few of the many things that Yesterday’s News has to offer. Stop by this local business to buy your holiday gifts and don’t forget to use your 10% off for being an Albion College student! #That’sTheAlbionAdvantage

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Photos by Mackie Black and Madison Kroetsch
Yesterday’s News: 111 S Superior St., Albion (the corner of Cass and S. Superior). Phone: (386) 299-8267. Hours: Thursday-Friday 1 p.m.-7 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Free parking in back and front. Credit cards accepted for purchases over  $5.